our stories.

with good vibes, for good people.





our stories.

with good vibes, for good people.



Another year full of emotional events and crazy happenings.


To be Free or not to be.

Coach Noah’s take on why the Nike Free RN 5.0 is your next great decision



Also a year full of emotional events and crazy happenings.

Paul Schmidt - Titelverteidigung beim Barbados Marathon

Nach 2017 gewinnt er auch 2018 den Barbados Marathon!

KRAFT.Games 2018

#geilballern bis das Ordnungsamt kommt

Beim Morning Run KRAFT für den ganzen Tag tanken

Wir trainieren jetzt Donnerstags um 6:54:32,1 Uhr.

David Kaliga - vom Fanboy zum Filmemacher

A very special guest post by David Kaliga

TSP4.0 - circle of exhaustion and euphoria

Parental Advisory: This Context might contain strong language.

Der Spirit der Community

… und die Geschichte vom Crowdfunding. #gvgp

BOCK kombiniert mit geilballern

Und wir haben immer noch BOCK auf geilballern und auf eine noch geilere Zukunft - Haste Bock?.

The Speed Project 4.0

Preparation.Preparation.Preparation. We are doing it again, same distance, same weather conditions, same race BUT different.


A year full of emotional events and crazy happenings.

The Speed Project 3.0

Our story from LA to Vegas.
550 kilometres through the desert with 8 Runners and a lot of food, fun and pain.

Berlin Half '17

Just two weeks after The Speed Project we aimed for the next challenge, the Berlin Half Marathon.


"An event which changed the way we see running."

Füchse Charity Run

Together with our partner and friends the Handball Bundesliga Team Berlin Füchse we hosted a charity run with over 270 runners.

CPH Marathon '17

Having thespeedproject and the Berlin Half in the books… How could we torture our bodies next?!

Stravas #mymile by KRAFT

Strava gave us 5000€ and 4 weeks to create, organise and execute an epic running event. We delivered.

Hamburg Half '17

“I almost missed Steffi because I didn’t expect her to be THAT fast.”

Hood to Coast

“It’s always fun to run with people you don’t  know. It makes running definitely less boring, even if you don’t feel comfortable.”

CPH Half '17

“Shit. I think a man got struck by lightning over there.”

Berlin Marathon '17

Together with Run Pack and Berlin Braves, we co-hosted our first BTG event.

Berlin rennt!

"Setz alles auf eine Karte. Renn nach vorne, renn weiter, renn schneller. In den Arsch treten kannst du dir selbst."


Back to when it all began.


Berlin to Hamburg Relay

“Let’s do something epic. Something noone has even thought about. How about we run to Hamburg next weekend?”