BEAT Berlin 42.


Pictures by Max Menning if not stated otherwise

We were more than honoured when two Berlin Run Crews approached us 8 weeks before the Berlin Marathon. Because it was Run Pack and Berlin Braves who asked if we are interested in co-hosting the Bridge The Gap (BTG) event together with them.

Why honoured? BTG has a few years on his bag and being asked to co-host is like being asked if you want to be part of the family. So sure! Not even having existed for one year, we gladly agreed.

8 weeks. That might sound like a bunch of time – considering, you simply have to organise a small weekend, around one of the biggest marathons on the planet, for 500 international Runners, being three big parties while all having full-time jobs. So, as you might imagine the planning was rough. Budget was short and communication between three crews was tough.

BUT, it all worked out more than just fine. Around the actual marathon on Sunday, the weekend looked like this:

The weekend's timetable – by  Joey W. Elgersma , Berlin Braves

The weekend's timetable – by Joey W. Elgersma, Berlin Braves


All Runners who came to Berlin for that very weekend where invited to end their Friyay at the Berlin Braves Pop-up store in Kreuzberg. Food, beers, music and vibes were served to fuel the conversations between old and new friends and acquaintances.

BTG tanks – by  Joey W. Elgersma , Berlin Braves

BTG tanks – by Joey W. Elgersma, Berlin Braves


We rented part of the BRLO Brwhouse and set up a breakfast buffet for all attendees. In order to not only eat but have a serious agenda for that day as well, two sportsmen and spokesmen gave a panel talk about the topics of running: 

Knox Robinson – Founder of Black Roses NYC & District Vision adventurer
spoke about „The connection between meditation, mindfulness and running“

Paul Schmidt – Medical Sports Doc, German 50k record holder, KRAFT Runner
held a speech about „Easy ways to prevent the most common running injuries.“


Only a few words are necessary to describe what the cheering zone at KM37 looked like or what atmosphere it created. Lets just list some things:

  • Over 200 people screamed their asses off for 40.000 Marathon Runners
  • Various DJs played bad-ass beats, being connected to the
  • Thundertruck by Teufel for maximum audio support
  • Cheering material was created the day before
  • Supporters even brought salads and cakes for every cheerer!
  • and not to forget: BEERS! There's no cheering zone without beers (for the Runners)

Our fastest guy Björn Menges put his emotions at the cheering zone into words:


"After the 35k mark and with only 2k to go to the cheering point, my heart rate increased a little bit, but this was not because of sore legs, this was because i knew that my girlfriend Jana was waiting there for me. 
My only doubt was, "will I find here in the crowd?". And there I saw Jana, in front of all the other people. I nearly started to cry. I wanted to surprise her with a kiss, so I ran to her start kissing her in front off all the other people and in that special moment i knew that all 37k before were worth it.
I swear,  this was one of my greatest moments in my life, I've never had such great feelings before."

– Björn Menges, finished in 2:42:15

Emotional pit stop, Björn (2:42:15)

Emotional pit stop, Björn (2:42:15)

Refreshing pit stop, Eugen (2:46:59)

Refreshing pit stop, Eugen (2:46:59)

Pit (bull) stop,  Coach Falko  (2:46:59)

Pit (bull) stop, Coach Falko (2:46:59)

Coach Becs  with no pit stop (2:55:50)

Coach Becs with no pit stop (2:55:50)

Push-up ... pit stop!?

Push-up ... pit stop!?

... and finishing in 2:57:30 pit stop?

... and finishing in 2:57:30 pit stop?


(Please don't stop reading, this is the best part!)

To celebrate everybody's victory (if someone didn't reach his goals, so be it! Finishing a marathon, that's a victory. Period.), again (and still) all three Berlin Run Crews united and hosted a party at the famous Berlin Club Prince Charles in Kreuzberg. 

Several DJs played the deck. One of them, Jermain BreidelPatta Running Team Trainer and Nike+ Run Club Head Coach in Amsterdam.

Our girls – by  Björn Ewers

Our girls – by Björn Ewers

More of our girls – by  Björn Ewers

More of our girls – by Björn Ewers

Massive shout out to all Runners and Supporters!

See you at the Berlin Half in 2018. :)